HMAC and “Secure Preferences”: Revisiting Chromium-based Browsers Security
Pablo Picazo-Sanchez, Gerardo Schneider and Andrei Sabelfeld

Detecting Word Based DGA Domains Using Ensemble Models
P.V. Sai Charan, Sandeep K. Shukla and P. Mohan Anand

Stronger Targeted Poisoning Attacks Against Malware Detection
Shintaro Narisada, Shoichiro Sasaki, Seira Hidano, Toshihiro Uchibayashi, Takuo Suganuma, Masahiro Hiji and Shinsaku Kiyomoto

RiCaSi: Rigorous Cache Side Channel Mitigation via Selective Circuit Compilation
Heiko Mantel, Lukas Scheidel, Thomas Schneider, Alexandra Weber, Christian Weinert and Tim Weißmantel

Curves with Fast Computations in the First Pairing Group
Rémi Clarisse, Sylvain Duquesne and Olivier Sanders

STDNeut: Neutralizing Sensor, Telephony System and Device State Information on Emulated Android Environments
Saurabh Kumar, Debadatta Mishra, Biswabandan Panda and Sandeep K. Shukla

Optimized and Secure Pairing-Friendly Elliptic Curves Suitable for One Layer Proof Composition
Youssef El Housni and Aurore Guillevic

Arcula: A Secure Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet for Multi-asset Blockchains
Adriano Di Luzio, Danilo Francati and Giuseppe Ateniese

Revisiting ECM on GPUs
Jonas Wloka, Jan Richter-Brockmann, Colin Stahlke, Thorsten Kleinjung, Christine Priplata and Tim Güneysu

Distance-Bounding, Privacy-Preserving Attribute-based Credentials
Daniel Bosk, Simon Bouget and Sonja Buchegger

Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Multi-Identity and Multi-Attribute Pure FHE
Tapas Pal and Ratna Dutta

Forward-Secure 0-RTT Goes Live: Implementation and Performance Analysis in QUIC
Fynn Dallmeier, Jan P. Drees, Kai Gellert, Tobias Handirk, Tibor Jager, Jonas Klauke, Simon Nachtigall, Timo Renzelmann and Rudi Wolf

Compact Multi-Party Confidential Transactions
Jayamine Alupotha, Xavier Boyen and Ernest Foo

Cross-Site Search Attacks: Unauthorized Queries over Private Data
Bar Meyuhas, Nethanel Gelernter and Amir Herzberg

Energy Analysis of Lightweight AEAD Circuits
Andrea Caforio, Fatih Balli and Subhadeep Banik

Integral Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round Tweakable TWINE
Muhammad ElSheikh and Amr M. Youssef

Attack on LAC Key Exchange in Misuse Situation
Aurélien Greuet, Simon Montoya and Guénaël Renault

Provably Secure Scalable Distributed Authentication for Clouds
Andrea Huszti and Norbert Oláh

Assembly or Optimized C for Lightweight Cryptography on RISC-V
Fabio Campos, Lars Jellema, Mauk Lemmen, Lars Müller, Daan Sprenkels and Benoit Viguier

Enhancing Code Based Zero-knowledge Proofs using Rank Metric
Emanuele Bellini, Philippe Gaborit, Alexandros Hasikos and Victor Mateu

Semi-Commutative Masking: A Framework for Isogeny-based Protocols, with an Application to Fully Secure Two-Round Isogeny-based OT
Cyprien Delpech de Saint Guilhem, Emmanuela Orsini, Christophe Petit and Nigel P. Smart

A Secure Algorithm for Rounded Gaussian Sampling
Séamus Brannigan, Maire O’Neill, Ayesha Khalid and Ciara Rafferty

An Attack on Some Signature Schemes Constructed From Five-Pass Identification Schemes
Daniel Kales and Greg Zaverucha

Efficient Composable Oblivious Transfer from CDH in the Global Random Oracle Model
Bernardo David and Rafael Dowsley

Accelerating Lattice based Proxy Re-Encryption schemes on GPUs
Gyana Sahu and Kurt Rohloff

Lightweight Virtual Payment Channels
Maxim Jourenko, Mario Larangeira and Keisuke Tanaka

Linear Complexity Private Set Intersection for Secure Two-Party Protocols
Ferhat Karakoç and Alptekin Küpçü

Detecting Covert Cryptomining using HPC
Ankit Gangwal, Samuele Giuliano Piazzetta, Gianluca Lain and Mauro Conti

Simulation Extractable Versions of Groth’s zk-SNARK Revisited
Karim Baghery, Zaira Pindado and Carla Ràfols

Trenchcoat: Human-Computable Hashing Algorithms for Password Generation
Ruthu Hulikal Rooparaghunath, T.S. Harikrishnan and Debayan Gupta